Kennel:                                                                                               $32*

​For smaller dogs, we recommend our 3x4 ft kennels to rest in during their stay. There will be plenty of room for your dog’s bedding and toys in these kennels. During their stay, your dog will enjoy three potty breaks throughout the day! (*If there are two dogs staying together in a 3x4 kennel, the cost will be $57 per day.)

Extra Boarding Amenities

Shiloh Animal Hospital  |  1005 Lichtin Blvd, Morrisville, NC, 27560   |   Phone: 919.825.1000  |  Fax: 919.724.4902  |

Feline Suite                                       $27

For cats boarding with us, we offer our feline suite! Each kennel contains a litter box and a perch for resting. The feline suites also have the option to open up into a double or even triple sized kennel to accommodate for multiple cats.

Large Luxury Suite                                             $48*

For the larger dogs, we offer the large luxury suite! This suite is 4x6 ft and provides extra space to ensure your large breed dog is comfortable. (*If there are two dogs staying together in a 4x6 suite, the cost will be $85 per day.)

(Items in right photo not included: personal bed and toys.)

Your companion will have the time of their life here at Shiloh Animal Hospital, enjoying a stress-free environment while boarding with us. Each kennel will be supplied with a blanket, water, and any personal items that you brought specifically for your dog or cat (bedding, toys, etc.). If you choose to not bring your own food for your dog, we offer the trusted resource of Purina Pro Plan EN Gastroenteric diet for their stay.

Weekend Pick-up Hours: Saturday 8 am - 12 pm & 6:30 - 7 PM

& Sunday 9 AM - 9:30 AM & 6:30 pm - 7 pm

Play time                                            $8

We offer individual play time with our kennel staff, whether it’s indoor or in our outdoor yard. Each play time session will be 15 minutes long (up to three per day).

In our feline sanctuary, cats will be able to enjoy our play structure and toys for enrichment. We provide windows in our cat room for their entertainment as well!

Cuddle Time                                            $8        

Your dog or cat will always feel at home with our cuddle time, enjoying 15 minutes of belly rubs and affection from our loving and dedicated kennel staff (up to three per day).                       

Frozen Treat                                            $8

We will provide a frozen kong filled with peanut butter (or substitute if peanut allergy).

Luxury Suite                                                                                    $42*

The luxury suite is the perfect size for any dog! This suite is 4x5 ft and provides plenty of space for anything your pup will need. (*If there are two dogs staying together in a 4x5 suite, the cost will be $75 per day.)