Difficulty rising, walking, or climbing stairs

Eye or nose discharge

Wounds that are not healing

Confusion, disorientation, or anxiety 

Changes in sleep patterns

New lumps or bumps

Any other sudden or progressive change in your pet's attitude or behaviors

Monitored Care of Chronic Conditions

Loss of appetite or decreased appetite
Weight loss/gain
Diarrhea or constipation
Increased drinking or urination
Inappropriate urination or defecation (indoors)

Here at Shiloh Animal Hospital, our three doctors have a combined 36 years of experience. They have both the training and the expertise to diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions in cats and dogs. Our integrated approach always starts with a nose-to-tail exam and a detailed conversation with the pet owner about diet, exercise, lifestyle, and any changes that you have noticed in your pet. Internal medicine is particularly well-suited to holistic medicine, as acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition therapy work hand in hand with many traditional veterinary therapies.

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Common Signs of Problems in Cats and Dogs

If your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic condition (such as diabetes), we can perform the monitoring that is needed to keep your pet healthy. We will make dietary recommendations, discuss possible changes in medications and treatments, and help to create an effective monitoring schedule. We also work closely with many local specialists and can make referrals if your pet needs more specific in-depth testing or treatment.

If you notice any of these signs in your pet, please give us a call and have your pet evaluated. It is common to assume these signs are a normal part of your dog or cat's aging process; however, they might indicate underlying disease.