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Alison came to Shiloh in July of 2016 on an externship for the Veterinary Technician program at Miller-Motte College and fit in with the team so well that she never left. She enjoys hiking, biking on trails, and making music. Alison lives in Raleigh with her two cats, Boots and Mojo, and her dog, Dexter. 

Heather ~ Website Management

Nicole ~ Veterinary Nurse

Alison ~ Registered Veterinary Technician

Trisha ~ Patient Care Advocate & Inventory Manager

Amber ~ Client Services Representative

Ceara ~ Kennel Technician

Heather joined the Shiloh team in February of 2015 as both a veterinary nurse and a receptionist, and she now manages our website from afar. The daughter of a Navy Seal, she has lived all over the USA and in Central America. She worked with animals for most of her life and in the veterinary industry for nine years, but she is currently a exploring a career as a paralegal. She is level 3 Fear Free certified and enjoys making pet nail trims a good experience. Heather lives in Richmond, VA, with her cat, Blooper, Great Pyrenees, Wampa, American Foxhound, Princess Peach, and boyfriend, Nate.

Trisha started as the veterinary receptionist with Shiloh Animal Hospital when it opened in January 2012. She was born in Santa Clara, CA, but has been in NC since she was 12 years old. She attended NC State University where she obtained her BS in Zoology and BA in Psychology. She also has had previous internships in wildlife rehabilitation and zoo keeping. In her free time, she loves to travel, watch movies, and volunteer with Girl Scouts. She lives in Durham with her husband, Doug.

Tara ~ Veterinary Nurse

Motivated by her love for animals, Catharina, aka “Buni,” is in pursuit of her career as a veterinarian. Spending the past six years in Wilmington, NC, Buni obtained her degree from UNCW, studying psychology and chemistry. She has experience working with both small and large animals and has an increased interest in research and its applications to animals, humans, and the environment. In her free time, you can find her practicing gymnastics, cuddling up to her beloved cats, Milo and PJ, or going on a hike with her boyfriend, Sam. Buni believes that a life well lived is the dedication to healing and caring for those that provide genuine attention and unconditional love‒our furry family members!

Kenyetta ~ Kennel Technician

Caitlyn joined the Shiloh team in December of 2018. She has had four years of experience with assisting veterinarians and working alongside dogs, cats, and other furry friends as a kennel technician. She loves to draw dog portraits in her free time and also enjoys being outdoors and finding new places to explore. Caitlyn believes that you should always have a passion for and enjoy your job, so where better to work than Shiloh Animal Hospital?!

Meg joined the Shiloh team in October of 2019. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science with a concentration in Veterinary Bioscience from N.C. State University. She's been working at veterinary hospitals since she was 16 and finds it to be a greatly rewarding field! She has two cats, Isla and Percy. In her free time, she likes to read, garden, and be outdoors.

Melissa ~ Client Services Representative

Gio ~ Veterinary Nurse

Giovanni moved to North Carolina from Queens, NY. He recently graduated from Animal Behavior College as a veterinary assistant and completed his 100 externship here at Shiloh before joining the team full time. Gio has a dog named Diesel, a bird named Diego, two rats named Poofy and Casper, and two snakes named Hotdog and Spaghetti. In his spare time, he enjoys long boarding, glassblowing, watching movies, hiking, and spending time with his girlfriend, Alexandra. 

Amber moved from Connecticut to North Carolina in the fall of 2017 and joined the Shiloh team in June of 2018. She is a licensed hairdresser who specializes in wedding hair. She has always had a love for animals growing up and is loving transitioning into the veterinary world. When she is not at work, she enjoys going to the beach, kayaking, and trying out new restaurants. Amber is enjoying living in Cary with her with her two Maine Coon cats and her new puppy, Duke.

Ceara joined the Shiloh team in July of 2019. She is currently a student at North Carolina State University and is majoring in Animal Science. She has over 3 years experience working with animals in both veterinary and boarding environments. Originally from Vermont, Ceara now lives in Cary with her boyfriend Brendan, her Belgian Malinois mix, Atilia, and her cat, Aurelius. In her spare time, Ceara enjoys playing ice hockey and going on long walks with her dog. 

Tara joined the Shiloh Animal Hospital team in June of 2018. She has been working in the veterinary field for five years, and prior to that, she worked for four years at a popular Raleigh pet boarding facility. Her goal is to become a registered veterinary technician. For fun, Tara enjoys pet sitting, going to the beach, and finding new and exciting things to do around the triangle. She currently resides in Raleigh with her husky-lab mix, Cola. 

Meg ~ Veterinary Nurse

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Alex moved from Georgia to North Carolina in 2019 and joined the Shiloh team that October. She has worked in the veterinary field since she was a senior in high school and is now entering Graduate School at North Carolina State University for Animal Sciences. Alex hopes to one day become a veterinarian. In her spare time, she likes hiking with her rescue dog, Kodiak, painting, drawing, and petting every dog she passes on the street. She has enjoyed her time since moving to Raleigh and can't wait to further explore North Carolina.  

Melissa joined Shiloh Animal Hospital in the summer of 2014. She has over 16 years of experience in the veterinary field. Originally from Illinois, she moved to North Carolina from Arizona in 2012 with her husband and two dogs. Recently, they have added an adorable baby boy to their family. In her free time, Melissa enjoys cooking and exploring North Carolina. 

Caitlyn ~ Veterinary Nurse & Kennel Technician

Buni ~ Veterinary Nurse

Kenyetta joined the Shiloh team in December of 2018. She has been an animal lover ever since she was able to walk. She is applying her previous kennel experience here at Shiloh and is very excited to start her journey. Kenyetta lives in Raleigh, NC, with her daughter and their dog, Lilo. She is from a small town called Kinston, NC. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her daughter, watching tv (especially The Walking Dead), and playing video games.

Alex ~ Client Services Representative

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Nicole moved from New Jersey to North Carolina in June of 2019 after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Equine Business Management/Riding. She joined the Shiloh team in January of 2020 after realizing her passion is not just for horses, but for small animals as well. She currently resides in Cary with her boyfriend, Alex, and her three cats, Lucky, Kovu, and Octavia. When she is not working, she enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and going to the movies.