Telephone consultations are billed in 15-minute increments. If you are consulting with us regarding a seriously ill animal or any animal with a chronic condition that has not responded to other therapies, plan on a 60-minute consultation. You will be billed for all time that the doctor spends on your case. This includes time for case review of medical records prior to the telephone consultation (usually just 15 minutes), the telephone consultation itself, and any follow-up telephone calls that may be necessary.

After your telephone consultation, you will receive a written form indicating the type of treatments we recommend, including dosage and administration instructions. The doctor's comments will also be included. If our doctor feels that prescription medication is also necessary for treatment, you will need to work with your local veterinarian, as we cannot prescribe medication for telephone consultation cases.

To set-up a telephone consultation:

  1. Call our hospital and schedule an appointment time.
  2. We will then email, fax, or mail the following forms to you: Client Registration, Informed Consent, and Credit Card Pre-Authorization.
  3. Please fill out, sign and mail or fax the above forms back to our office.
  4. At the same time, please mail or fax all relevant medical records. These would include recent test results/reports from blood work, biopsies, imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI), etc. Please try to limit fax transmissions to a maximum of 10 pages. Test results are REQUIRED as we cannot and will not diagnose by telephone.

Telephone consultations are available with our veterinarians at Shiloh Animal Hospital for individuals who would like to take advantage of our holistic and traditional medical approach and treatment recommendations but are unable to come into our office. If your dog or cat is ill, you have already received a firm diagnosis, and you are able to provide us with copies of relevant test results, then we can discuss your pet's case and help to inform you about natural treatment options that have worked with animals having similar conditions. Please note that we cannot diagnose your dog or cat by telephone.

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