Just as human diets and nutrition provide the foundation for your health and longevity, we at Shiloh firmly believe that feline and canine health and healing starts with the right food. We will help formulate individual pet nutrition and wellness plans to promote your pet's optimal health.

Food choices are not black and white. By assessing your pet's history and current health conditions, we can help guide you to the best choices for your individual situation that will keep your pet healthy and active. With so many pet food brands on the market, be sure to talk to our veterinarian about your pet's unique nutritional needs.

Recipe Formulation

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Prescription Diets

We carry a full range of vitamin and nutraceutical supplements for your pet, including (but not limited to) glucosamine, fish oil, and Coenzyme-Q10.

We find that many of our patients benefit most strongly from a well-balanced home cooked diet. With so many different options that provide varied nutritional and systemic benefits, let our doctors help you to guarantee that what you make is perfect for your pet.  

Nutraceutical Supplements

Prescription diets are formulated and prepared to meet specific nutritional needs required for certain illnesses. We offer a variety of formulations and brands to assist in managing diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, arthritis, allergies, pancreatitis, cancers and many more.